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Organ Stop Pizza


Who doesn’t love pizza? I mean, it’s truly the perfect choice for family-friendly dining. Well, if you are visiting Arizona with kids you may want to add Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, Arizona to your list of must-have dinners!  This place has been around for more than 45 years and takes pizza to a whole other level.  How?

For one thing, there’s the obvious… the nation’s largest Wurlitzer pipe organ, built for the Denver Theatre and installed in 1927 lives here. The organ is the center and inspiration for the nonstop entertainment that happens as you dine at this pizza joint. Think music (obviously,) theatrical performances complete with dancing cat puppets, disco balls and bubbles all wrapped around songs that range from classical music to Disney favorites to pop and rock hits.

Now you may remember a pizza-and-pipes joint in your town when you were growing up, the Organ Stop is one of our TWO of these left in the nation. And we are blessed that one of them lives here in Arizona. Get this…the organ itself is so complex there are only about a dozen people in the country who can play it’s 6,000 pipes! 

Kids and parents love this place and it’s a go to for family dining in the Phoenix area.  So when in town, grab some pizza, pasta, sandwiches, appies and more for a super fun night!

Organ Stop Pizza is located at 1149 E. Southern Avenue in Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: (480) 813-5700. For more information, go to 

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