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Wet'n'Wild Phoenix Options for Babies and Toddlers

things to do with babies water parks

There’s no doubt it’s super hot in Phoenix during the summer. So if you are planning a trip and wondering what the locals do to stay cool, waterparks are one of our biggest answers!  And while when we were growing up, water parks were all about teens, places like Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix have made amazing changes and additions that make it the perfect place for those of you with babies and toddlers and younger children!

The new attraction called Barefootin' Bay is an amazing interactive water play structure with this huge overhead pineapple bucket that tips over intermittently when full, water sprayers, slides, and a HUGE 4,700 square foot splash pool! There’s also a play area that is specifically for babies. As an added bonus and showing the love of the littles, Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix provides lifejackets free of charge! 

Long gone are the days of being worried about what’s in the water. We were just informed of the park’s new $500,000 UV Sanitation Filtration system that deactivates microorganisms.  For more information you can visit and be sure to become a fan or follower on Facebook or Instagram for special event information and giveaways


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